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Make just about anything. Simply.
DigiTool is a versatile and affordable cnc router. It's easy to learn, even easier to use, and built to last. Plus, it's backed by a team of experienced cnc teachers who are dedicated to your success.

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A versatile tool that can be used to make just about anything
Choose from a variety of different materials: hard and soft woods, composite materials, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass, and just about anything else you can imagine.
DigiTool is a cnc router. 

What is a cnc router? A cnc router is a versatile automated machine used for production and fabrication. Because they are able to cut a wide variety of materials, cnc routers can be used to make almost anything. 

Is it appropriate to call a cnc router a "cnc wood router"? 
You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to. Some people, when referring to a cnc router, call it a "cnc wood router". I don't know how I feel about that. Using this term could cause a person to limit their thinking to simply working in wood, when a cnc router can process such a wide array of other materials. So, while it is not incorrect to call it a cnc wood router, a cnc router should really be called a "cnc? what? lots of people don't even know what cnc means so let's suffice it to say it's an automated cutting machine that can do just about anything router".
Whether you are a professional sign maker, woodworker, plastics fabricator, cabinet maker or just a guy (or gal) that likes to make things, DigiTool will make your life easier. With DigiTool, you can make more money in less time, so you can focus on the things that really matter to you.
The sky is the limit. Well, not really...
Cut out aircraft control panels. Make parts for a flying contraption.  Make signs. Create an entire kitchen. Or create something entirely new that's never been done before. 
How does DigiTool work?
Using DigiTool is Unapologetically Simple
Learning to use a DigiTool is so easy anyone can do it (with the proper training, of course).
How easy is it to learn and use?

Learning to use a DigiTool is so easy, a complete moron could do it (with the proper training, of course). It really just consists of a few basic steps:

Step 1: Create a Design (CAD)

Step 2: Apply Tool Information (CAM)

Step 3. Prepare the Machine (Operation)

Step 4: Press GO!
Think "Return On Investment" (ROI)
With DigiTool, your return on investment can be phenomenal. In addition to getting a great quality machine that is fully tested at our facility in Georgia, USA, we include a full-day of intensive training with every sale, so you can start being productive in record time!
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